Thursday, September 4, 2014

Haul: Last of the Summer

I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not but TjMaxx has the best end of the summer sale during Labor Day weekend and of course there I went and helped clear the racks.  Some deals you just couldn't pass...Let's take look?

The damage was done in 2 trips, first trip is here...

Got these lightweight shorts for only $7...these are so comfortable, thank God the weather is still warm, hoping to get to wear them at least once this summer.

This jumpsuit is just beautiful and for $7 it didn't break my bank.

Such a beautiful pattern...

Totally random, found this iPhone case for $1 so it came home with's cute, right?

Got this button down shirt for $3, I know, right?  Totally a bargain, this is not a light material so it will perfect for this fall.

$3, I still cannot believe it. lol

Ah, I almost forgot about this too.  Makeup remover wipes, something that we makeup lovers never have enough.

And of course for $2...ah

That is what I got during the first trip, which was on Saturday.  On Sunday I found even better deals, but I did get a lot of stuff, so I will post it tomorrow.

What good sales are you hitting?  Found anything amazing?