About Me

What can I say about me??? My name is Nelia, I was born in Portugal and came to the US when I was almost 15 years old.  I am married to the love of my life, have 2 beautiful children and still learning this thing called life.  I love to read (I mean most of this blog is about books so it's no surprise, right? lol) and yes, I get pulled in to all those different worlds and feel what the characters are feeling, yeah I know I'm a bookworm.  I also love beauty and fashion and I'm a shopaholic; if I could shop everyday I would.   Fashion, I am always in the hunt for the new "in" pieces and yes I have a "little" shopping problem. I love makeup, creating different makeup looks are just too much fun.  And lastly I am suffering from PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) from a car accident, and it has been ride that's for sure; but staying positive has helped :) .

Why am I blogging?  I started this blog a couple years ago but life was so busy that I didn't think I could blog while still working full time and been a mom so I kind of stopped.  But with my accident, blogging has been a way to get my mind off of scary thoughts and to interconnect with other people.  I have found so many people dealing with PCS and just knowing that you are not the only one, you just feel a little better.  And I have been having so much fun writing blog posts about beauty, fashion and books,  it has become my therapy.

And I am going to stop, or this About Me entry will become a book.  So if you like beauty, fashion, books and/or are suffering from PCS, let's get to know each other and become friends!