Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fashion Haul: TJMaxx, Target, Drugstore

So I did some shopping again this week, what can I say? Shopaholic problem...But in my defense, there is so many great deals out there.

Let's start with the drugstore, I stopped at Rite Aid to get some stuff that I had run out and got a couple things too:

Got my a couple bottles of my favorite toner-Some Physicians Formula Eyeliners to try-Nivea Kiss of Honey, just one of the best lipbalms to use before bed and Biore Pore Strips which I needed.

Next up, TJMAxx.  You all know how much I love this store and of course I hit their clearance racks and came up with a few things:

Shorts; these shorts are SO comfortable...and $7 was bad either.

A jumpsuit, I only owned 1 jumpsuit and it's black and beige, so when I saw this one for only $7 I had to bring it home...

The print? So beautiful. this iphone case for $1.

Got his pink button down shirt for $3 and will be perfect to wear during fall...layering piece right here.

Really thick material too...

Found these facial wipes...

for $2.

The next store that I hit was Target, my mom was bothering me to go there for a while and I finally had sometime this week. And, it's not fair that every time I go there with her I always spend more than her...

I am pretty happy with some of the things I got:

Got a couple of yoga pants, they were on sale for $10, normally they are $14.99.

Found this cute dress for about $4, yep that had to come home with me...

These pictures don't do justice to it, it's a high low summery dress...

Next, I got 4 graphic shirts...

Found this Looney Tunes one for $3s...and I remembered some of my childhood.

This was not on sale, but it was only $14.99 and it's pretty cute...

This was on sale too for $4ish...I wish I could do what it says.

And I loved this one, perfect.  This one cost $12.99.

Then I went over the beauty and health and got a few things...

A new luffa, just because.
Some round cotton pads, because I needed.
NYX Concealer (heard that is the best and can't wait to try it).
NYX dark red lip color, getting ready for Fall.
And found 2 Wet 'N Wild nail polishes on sale for $1ish and grabbed both, because I can't control myself and nail polishes on sale.

 Cute colors for Fall.

And that's it, I need to stop shopping for a bit...or not :)

Hope you all had a great weekend, today's weather was perfect in New England, sunny, warm and a very nice breeze. Ah and today is my wedding anniversary, 12 years and I still get butterflies when I see him.  And I love him more and more everyday. 

I'm going to cut the cheesy stuff and just go...