Friday, September 12, 2014

Nail Polish Collection: Part 1

It's Friday, today was a long and busy day.  But on the other hand, I had a really good day, my headaches were just tiny, tiny and allowed me to do a lot.

Today I going to talk about nail polishes.  I have admitted and will admit, I have a little problem with buying nail polishes, but why do companies come up with sooo many new colors.  My bank account doesn't appreciate it at all. lol

As you will see on the next picture, I have quite a few (well, maybe too many or not) and I will split my collection into probably 2 to 3 posts or we would be here all night LONG.

Let's start? Below you can see how I store them:

This is actually 2 wall racks, I got them at Amazon for about $37 each.  It's called Pana Brand Nail Polish Wall Rack in black.  They do sell different colors.

Right side...
 Left side...

I have a lot of Revlon and I'm going to start with them:

151 Iced Mauve, 229 Demure, 705 Gray Suede, 017 Scene Stealer & 006 Sheer Pink

415 Totally Toffee, 470 Amber Ablaze, 520 Lava, 285 Oh My Magenta, 185 Sweet Tart

089 Sunshine Sparkle, 305 Electric, 440 Siren, 507 Fire Fox, 863 Ruby Ribbon

85 Minted, 410 Dreamer Carbonite, 860 Metallic, 925 Gold Coin

670 Violet, 330 Naughty, 799 Plum Night, 907 Steel-her Heart, 933 Emerald City


050 Passionate Pink, 060 Cafe Pink, 300 Bare Bones, 030 Calla Lilly 

240 Amethyst, 040 Provence, 190 Spanish Moss, 170 Coastal Surf, 280 Blue Slate

Next up it's Sally Hansen nail polishes:

160 Shoot the Moon, 310 Gilty Pleasure, 817 Gold Roses, 140 Peachy Keen, Ion

Oxblood, 650 Navy Baby, 670 Midnight in NY, 828 Batbano Blue, 450 Fairy Teal

130 Blow Bubbles, 370 Hypnautical, 280 Dive In

240 Blue Streak, Orange Impluse, 410 Grape Going!

270 Lacy Lilac, Time to Shine, Set the Stage, 260 Ivy League, 481 Breezy Blue

Deep Blue Sea, 423 Blue Boom, 330 Grey Area, 40 Purple Pizzazz, 230 Plum Power

390 Red Carpet, 160 Cherry Red, 320 Fuchsia Power, Midnight Sky, Twinkle Twinkle, Wet Cement

07 Cherry Smash, 06 Antiqued Gold

94 Black Diamond, 05 Lite

905 Red-y Response, Pink Sapphire, Ice

927 Nail Junkie, 1218 Bananapeal, 921 All About You

811 Rich in Heart, 949 Hirvana, 1132 Jungle Trail

That's it for Part 1.  Not a lot, right? lol

How crazy do you go with nail polishes?