Monday, September 29, 2014

Shoe Collection: Booties

It's Fall and it's time to start wearing your boots, all of different kinds of them.  I love boots, and may have a little too many of them.  I figure that I would do a shoe collection and what better time to start than Fall?  

My shoe collection will be done in more than one post, and today I want to show you my booties.  Let's check them out?

1- My most casual ones are these ones.  I got them a few years ago at Payless Shoes, and of course it was at the end of the season so they were so affordable.

They are SO comfortable...

2- These are my new favorite booties, got them at Kohls the beginning of this year.  They are by Vera Wang.

They are comfortable and it's the perfect heel.

3- These are my "crazy" booties.  Animal prints, I don't even remember where I got them.

The edge is a little skinner than what I like, but they do dress up an outfit.

4- These are my oldest pair of shoes that I own, but I just cannot give them up.  These booties are so comfy and they are black.  I have no clue where I got them, that's OLD they are.

Perfect height...

5-Got them at TJMaxx last year.  I love the details...

The heels are perfect for an everyday wear.

6- And for my last booties, this ones that I got at Sears 2 years ago.  This is my cold months party shoes.

Perfect heels for a party...

and those studs...AH love it.

That's it for my first Shoe Collection post.  What are your favorite?  

And how many pairs of black booties do you have?  lol