Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Series: 10 Fashion Essentials

3rd post on my Fall Series, if you haven't checked my other ones, here's the First and here's the Second...

Today's topic?  Fall Fashion Essentials, here are mine:

1. Graphic Tee: Fall is all about layering and nothing like layering a cute Graphic Tee.

2. Military Jacket: I fell in love when I saw this one, I will be using a ton this Fall.

3. Leather Jacket: I couldn't find my black one (which is driving me crazy), but I go this brown one from Target last year and I will be definitely using this year.

4. Flats: I love flats, I mean, I REALLY LOVE FLATS.  I have 12 pairs and no shame.  Love this leopard ones that I got a Target last year and guess what?  They are available at Target again this year.

5. Dark Skinny Jeans: I love my jeans and I love that I can wear jeans at work whenever I want.  Dark denim are perfect to pair with any color.

6. Chambray Shirt:  I have 2 of them, one is ombre look and the other is a darker look (this one is the ombre), this is part of one of my favorite Fall outfits ever (you will see in a few days in another post).

7. Sweater: Flowy, light, long sweater...perfect for Fall.

8. Scarf: I will have to say that I am obsessed with scarves, I don't even know how many I have (maybe I will count them, do you want to see a scarf collection?).  It completes almost every Fall look.

9. Plaid Shirt: So in right now, I need to buy a couple more this Fall.

10. Last but not least Combat Boots:  If you don't have a pair, please do yourself a favor and go buy one.  I bought my first pair a few years ago and I had to repurchase another one this year. Why? Because I used it SO much that they got so beat up...

That's my fashion mush haves for this Fall.  What are yours?