Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Series: 10 Fall Accessories Essentials

First post on my Fall Series; so excited!!!  I was writing down what topics I wanted to do, I started out with 5 and then added a couple more so I would have a whole week.  Then a few more ideas came up, so there will be a total of 10 post!  And I will double posting for 10 days, my regular posts and my Fall Series posts, CRAZY!!!

Today's topic? Starting with essentials and I don't know about you but Fall accessories are amazing, one of my favorite things about Fall.

Let's start?

1-My first accessory has to be this satchel bag I just got from TJMaxx, I am in love with it.  And it makes such a statement to any outfit I am wearing.

2-A hat, I know, I am not a big hat person, but I do live in New England and when it gets cold you need a hat.  I love this fedora hat that I have had it for a few years that I can't even remember where I got it from.

3-Another purse? Yes, I love crossbody purses and it's the perfect accessory during Fall.  Crossbody purses are stylish and I always feel like I have a third hand when I have one

Next are smaller accessories:
4-A big watch, Michael Kors have the best ones and I love this one that I got for Mother's Day this year.

5-Sunglasses, don't put those sunnies away just because summer is over.  Fall has some of the brightest days and you still need to protect your eyes from sun rays.  Or if you wear contacts like me, you just need to wear them.

6-Ring, a big statement ring.  It's such a little accessory that can make a huge difference on a outfit.

7-Bracelet, another accessory that you don't think it will have any effect on an outfit and it totally does it.  Love this one that I got at F21 last year, beautiful colors.

8-A belt, perfect to wear over your cardigans or sweaters.  Because when Fall and lots of layers come you just needs to define your waist.  And it just cute too.

9-Statement necklace, yeah just when you think to put those away, is when I need them the most.  I always wear lots of neutrals during Fall and Winter, so it's nice that I can take a colorful statement necklace and add some color to my outfit.

10-And my last one is tights, the one piece that can take your summer outfit into a Fall one.  Great for using under some of your favorite summer dresses and you are not ready to put away yet.

And that will do for today...Do you have Fall Accessories Essentials? Let me know.