Sunday, September 7, 2014

Top 5 Drugstore Skin Savers

Don’t you hate when your skin is doing so well and then you have an event and boom…your skin decides that it’s time to breakout.  Ehh so annoying. 
I have some products that get my skin back, I will probably say, in 1 week.
I swear by these products when I’m in a situation like that so…let’s get to it:



1.     Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque-I always use masks but when my skin is crazy this is the one mask that I always use and it’s just because I see results right away.

2.     Clear Pore Neutrogena Cleanser-And of course you have to use a cleanser that helps clearing your pores, and I just love this one from Neutrogena.  When you put this in your face, it feels so refreshing…and helps clear your skin.  But did you know that this cleanser is gentle enough that you can use it daily?  Yeah and I do use it almost every day, I switch it up with another one.

3.     Noxzema Ant Blemish Pads-When my skin just doesn’t want to stop breaking out, this is the one product that really, really does the trick.  It helps to dry your pimples and prevent blemishes.  This is one product that I have re purchased over and over again and when I don’t have it at home and I have breakouts, I HAVE to go out and buy it.

4.     Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment-Another great product and affordable, you have to use it before you put any toner or moisturizer for it to work the right way.  I usually use this at night and in the morning if the blemish if needed, and you will see a difference in a day or two, your blemishes will be dry and not bumpy anymore.

5.     Olay with Witch Hazel Toner-Great for people that have oily skin and acne prone.  I love how you can feel a sting on the blemishes when you apply this toner.  This is another product that I have re purchased over and over again.  Hands down, my favorite toner.

 And I have to include 1 more product for you to use after your blemishes are gone and blur out the scars:


Bio-oil-This product helps with scaring from acne…if you use it when your blemish is dry, wow you will see that spot getting lighter and lighter.  Amazing product, it is a little expense but you it's available at drugstores and it really does wonders.

That's my go to products for breakouts.  What do you use and swear by it? Let me know if you have a favorite product that is not on this list, I would love to try out anything that saves me time and money.