Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Series: 10 Beauty Essentials

It's all about beauty products today.  Here are my beauty essentials for Fall:  

Let's start with eyes,

1-My first product is this qua by Maybelline, but in particular that Green shadow. Earthy color for Fall.

2-Another color that I like using during Fall is purple.  Love this one by MAC.

3-And of course you cannot forget a metallic color and my favorite is the Bad to the Bronze Color Tattoo by Maybelline.

4-We are not ready to give up our glow skin just yet, which you can still accomplish it by using a bronzer.  As you can see my favorite is Park Ave Princess by Tarte.

5-I don't know about you but I cannot live without concealer, The great cover up by em cosmetics is amazing for under eyes and to cover any imperfections.

6-And of course mascara, lots and lots of mascara...Lashgasm is great.

7-Color eyeliner is great to add to your bottom waterline...Rimmell Scandaleyes has the perfect creamy formula for that purpose.

8-Lip balm, I am loving these Softlips ones...with Fall comes the cold and chapped lips come with it, protect them.

9-Dark lips are of course in again this fall...dark red, dark purple are some of the colors that I have been seeing a lot.

10-But you cannot go wrong with a red lip either and if you are afraid to rock a pure red lip, opt for something like the Color Whispers by Maybelline...

That's it, those were my 10 beauty essentials for this Fall.  What are yours?