Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Favorite YouTubers: Part 1

As you all know I love watching YouTube, it helps me relax and kind of interact with so many people.  I started with maybe a couple of them and magically the number of my subscriptions just increased.  Some of my posts ideas come from watching YouTube.

Today, I want to show you 10 of my favorite YouTubers, I will share more of them later on.  Let's do this?

1-MakeupByTiffanyD: I am putting her as my number one because she is the very first YouTuber that I subscribed to.  I love her makeup tutorials and she is pregnant now with her first baby and it's so nice of her to share that experience with us.  If you haven't subscribed to her yet (you probably have, right?) click here.

Click on the picture to bring you to her lasted video

2-Dulce Candy: Another one of my firsts.  You watch her and just love her for what she does.  Her makeup tutorials are amazing and her hauls are to die for.  lol I love hauls.  Click here to subscribe.

Her last video: Haul
3-Emilynoel83: I love Emily, I wish I had as much energy as she does, she puts out tons of videos.  I look forward to her Christmas gift guide ideas every year.  I have to thank her for introducing me to e.l.f. cosmetics. Ah, almost forgot to tell you that she just had her first baby a few days ago, Belle, Congrats Emily and Tyler. Her channel here.

Naked Basics 2 Tutorial
4-Kandee Johnson: What can I say about Kandee, actually I can say that I read her blog before knowing that she had a YouTube channel.  I love her makeup tutorials too, but I also love how inspirational she is, and wicked funny.  Love you Kandee.  Her channel here.

Monthly Favorites Video
5-Fleur Deforce: My first British YouTuber that I followed.  I love her accent, her videos are perfect.  She does great reviews and great Get Ready With Me.  Go follow her here.

Loved this video

6-Tanya Burr: Another British YouTuber, my excuse for watching so many British people, I am originally from Europe, so that will have to do lol.  Tanya is such a down to earth person, love her vlogs and her makeup tutorials are just great. She also has a line of lip glosses and nail polishes, I wish I could buy them. Her channel here.

Her Vlog from Yesterday

7-Rachel Talbott/CheckInTheMirror: She also has a great blog.  I love her honest opinion about products, love her Get Ready With Me videos.  She does a little bit of everything, I love when talks about hair, I tried some products because of her.  And her baby is so CUTE.  Her channel here.

Get Ready With Me Video

8-MissGlamorazzi: Ingrid is a person that I will never get tired of watching.  Love her beauty videos, but her vlogs are pretty amazing, you get to see her just been herself and that makes you like her even more.  Subscribe

Haul Video (OMG I haven't even watched this one, I need to hurry lol)
9-AllThatGlitters21/Elle Fowler: Elle has been on YouTube forever, I'm pretty sure you all know who she is.  I love her videos, especially her skin care routines.  Ah, and she has a vlog channel where she reviews books and stuff, which I love her more because of it.  If you haven't subscribe here.

Fall Haul

10-Allison Anderson: And the last one for today is Allison, I'm getting repetitive over here, but I love her too.  Love her makeup tutorials and I'm not going to lie I love when she does an Empties video(I am noisy). Her channel here.

Guess which video she just upload? Empties lol

That's it for today, what do you think about this post?  Are you like me and love to spend hours on YouTube or you really don't care?  Let me know...