Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haul: Lipbalms

Hi all,

I stopped at CVS today to pick up my mom's medication and look what I found:

Softlips Cube lipbalms and one of the new EOS lipbalms...

I was pretty happy with the EOS one but I had only heard 1 person talk about the Softlips Cube once and when I saw that there were 1 left of each, I just took them

A closer look...

They do resemble the EOS lipbalms, they are a little smaller, the packaging is different as you can see.  There are so love.

Have you tried Softlips Cubes?  Which flavor do you have?  Are there more than 3 flavors? I need to find out, or maybe not...if I find out I will go out of my mind to find them. lol

Let me go and try them out and see how good they are...stay tune for a review.