Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Favorites

I just cannot believe that today is the last day of August, can we please turn back time?  I need more summer days...sad, but true.

But end of a month means something...monthly favorites!  Let's see what I have been loving this month:

1- Naked Basics by Urban Decay: This is pretty much the only eye shadows that I used this month.  Love all the colors, and the best part is how easy to create day and night looks from one simple palette.

2- Angel by MAC: By far my most used lipstick this month.  I love how neutral it looks in the lips, still making them look polished lol

3- Fit Me 225 Foundation by Maybelline: I reached for this foundation the beginning of this month and fell in love all over again with it.  Not full coverage, but that's exactly what I was looking for on a foundation that I can use on a daily basis.

4- Milani Eyeliner in Black: I will confess; I buy eyeliners like there is no tomorrow, don't know why but it has it's benefits.  I recently ran out of my favorite eyeliner by Rimmel, but was too lazy to actually go out and buy another one, so I reached on my eyeliner drawer and pull this baby out.  I love to use it on both my water lines and love to use it on my upper lip and smudge it at the end.

5- Deodorant by Secret: I know pretty basic stuff, right?  I had got a bottle of this to try out at home, and when I ran out of it I immediately went to my Target and purchase it again.  It's an aerosol deodorant but I love how good it smells, and when I am using it my sweat is controlled.  Pretty amazing stuff...

6- Dr. Rescue Baby Lips: This is the medicated one and it's my bed time lip balm for at least 2 months now.  Love it.

7-Biore Pore Strips: I have actually just repurchased this last week.  I love how effective this is, period.  I am serious, I love it.

Not many products this month, but those where the ones that I really reached for this month.