Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back To School Series: 5 Nail Designs

AH, I can't believe this is my second to last back to school post.  Well, I'm not going to complain now, I leave that for tomorrow's post HAHAHA.

Let's get to today's topic, NAILS.  I had so much fun looking for inspiration and doing these nails...ok time to show my 5 picks for back to school nails:

1- Rulers: I knew I had to recreate this look when I saw something similar to it on Pinterest.  And it was pretty easy to do.

Only needed 2 colors for this design, Yellow and Black.

The yellow that I used is by Sinful, Bananapeal.  I painted my all my nails this color and then used my Milani nail art polish in black for the vertical stripes and little dots.  Just do a couple small vertical stripes and then a longer one.  Once you do it you will say "It was sooo easy".  I only did 2 accent nails with the ruler and I feel that this way it looks really wearable and still cools pretty cool.

2- Pencils: When I decided to do this one, I really didn't think that I would like the design, but once the nails where done, I loved it.  Sometimes you just never know if you are going to like something until you try, right?

Please tell me you think they are cute too, it cannot be only me?

Here are the colors needed for this one; Silver, Yellow and Pink. I used the same yellow as the previous nails, the silver one is from JulieG's last Christmas collection.

And for the pink I used the one from Orly, Raspberry Ice.  I painted all nails yellow and let them dry.  Then I did a small silver horizontal strip 3/4 of the was down the nail and the end I used the pink one to represent the eraser.  Pretty easy one too.

3- Refill Paper: You totally can customize this one, you can write on the "paper" or you can make the "paper" on all the nails.  I think it looks cute and more wearable this way.

Colors used, White, Blue and a Pink nail art.

The blue color is Coastal Surf by Revlon.

I paint all nails but the accent one (which I painted white) with the blue color.  Once the white is dried, use the same blue (I dabbed a little on a piece of paper and used a nail brush) and do horizontal strips on the whole nail and let that dry.  Once is dry, use the pink nail art polish and do 1 vertical line on the right side of the nail and you are done.  Easy...

4- Simple: This one is for the people that don't want to wear school designs on their nails.  This is something so simple and you will look really, really stylish.  I am actually wearing this look as I type this blog post. 

I forgot to take a picture of just the nail polishes, for the Gold I used JulieG Gold Gift from last year's Christmas collection, the pink one is Raspberry Ice by Orly and the blue one is Dreamer by Revlon.

These nails takes so little time to do and these polishes dry pretty fast.  On your ring finger do the gold color, then do blue and white on the others alternating the colors and that's it.

5- Preppy: If you have to wear an uniform for school, you could do the same colors as your uniform.  The light and dark blue one is kind of popular.  These don't look perfect but still looked pretty cute.

For colors I used the same gold one as the previous nails, a white nail art, a litter blue and a navy blue.

The lighter blue is Blue Slate by Revlon and the navy blue is Navy Baby by Sally Hansen.

And the gold is Gift of Gold by JulieG.

 Painted the ring find with the gold color, all the other nails the navy blue.

Then I used the lighter blue and create a upside down triangle on the top and connect another triangle on the bottom of it.  Then used the white nail art for the strips.

That's all for my top five nail art/designs for back to school.  What nail designs/art do you do when you go back to school?

Back tomorrow for the last back to school post...