Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School Series: 5 Outfit Ideas for School

I can't believe that I only have 2 more posts on this series after today.  1 week really went by fast...

Today's topic is about fashion, outfit ideas for school.  I went to my closet and picked 5 outfits that I think will look good during school, let's take a look:

1-Circle Skirt, Denim Shirt, Combat Boots and Statement necklace:  You will look very girly with a twist (combat boots).  And every girl should own a pair of combat books, I live in mine during the fall, these are from Target and that's where I will be purchasing again.

2-Shorts, Hoodie, Flats and some Earrings: This just calls comfort, comfy hoodie, and some comfy flats.  These is the kind of outfit you want to wear on those days that you don't feel like yourself and just feel like wearing PJs to school.  But don't, instead wear something like this, you will have the comfort and still look cute.
 3-Colored Jeans, Cute White Shirt, Flats and Hoops: I love colored jeans, these ones are from Old Navy, they are so comfy and look amazing.  I love the back and front cut outs on the shirt, it just gives a little extra on the outfit.  For shoes; flats and jewelry; hoops. I always get compliments with these jeans, it's a great color to complement any skin color.

4-Dress, Booties and Long Statement Necklace: This is a great outfit to transition from summer to winter.  A simple summer dress is just everything for me, adding a long statement necklace and booties, it just brought it to the next level.

5-Plaid Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Wedges and Hoops: I love this outfit too, plaid is so in right now for fall.  This shirt has long sleeves but you can roll them up if the weather is still warm.  Nothing like skinny jeans, these ones? Forever 21, so affordable, comfortable and looks good on.  You cold pair a nice pair of heels with these, but for I figure during the school day you are walking around a lot and you need something that will give you height but still be comfortable, that's where wedges come from.  I live in these, again they are from Target, I paid $35 for them this spring and I regret not buying the nude ones too.

That's it for some outfit ideas.  What do you wear for school?  Do you go for comfort?