Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fashion Haul

I think this is probably my favorite time to shop during the year, well I do love shopping all year around but I definitely find a lot of deals this time of the year.  I stopped at TjMaxx (surprise), and most of the store is on CLEARANCE.  I mean it was literally screaming at me: COME IN and SHOP!!!  And so I did, here is what I bought, and I am going back again lol

1-I found this Maxi skirt for $7 (amazing, right?)

2-Shorts: $5

3- Skirt: $5

4-Betsy Johnson Sunglasses: $3 WHAT?

5-Blazer (so light) $5.  I loved the back, it kind of looks like a leather motorcycle style

6-Kimono $5

7-Kimono $7, this is definitely my favorite piece of this haul

You really couldn't beat the prices.  I can't wait to go back and find more great deals.