Saturday, August 16, 2014

AM Skin Care Routine

Happy Saturday,

Today I'm talking all about my morning skin care routine.  I love taking care of my skin and I love trying out new products, but with my sensitive skin that can be a little bit of a problem.  One thing I realized is that if I wash it with cleansers more than once a day I will breakout, but I still wanted to "wash" my face in the morning and I found a solution…let’s get into my routine:

1-Bioderma; I have fallen in love with this product for over 2 years.  This is what I use to clean my skin in the morning.  I don’t wash it with a cleanser but you skin does get dirty from the night, this removes everything while been gentle on your skin.

2-Olay Toner; I rotate my toners every month or so.  I use a rose water that I got while I was in Portugal and this Olay toner with witch hazel.  I love, love this toner, if my skin isn’t doing so good this toner helps clear it up so much faster.  I think the witch hazel is what makes it so good.


3-Noxzema pads; I don’t use this every single day but my I have some pimples this is my go to pads, it dries the pimple out in no time and it feels refreshing.
4-Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment; another product that I only use if I have breakouts.  You need to use this before you apply any moisturizer.


5-Urban Decay b6; where should I even start, I love this product and where had it been all my life.  I talked so much about in my favorites last month so go check out that post.

6-40 Carrots Eye Gel: I got this eye gel at TjMaxx and I am loving it, I use this one both AM and PM.  So refreshing…

7-Ellen Tracy Face Serum; I never used serum before, I never thought that was an important step.  Well I was wrong, since I started using serum I feel a huge improvement with my skin.

8-Moisturizers (Olay Fresh effects/Origins Vitazin); I rotate these products.  I cannot rave more about the Olay Fresh effects, it’s in my favorites of last month and I talk so much about it in “What’s in my Beach Bag?”.  I also love the Origins Vitazin, if I am not going anywhere for the day I use the Origins as my moisturizer for that day.

9-Maybelline Baby Lips; I always use lipbalm because if I don’t my lips crack, REALLY bad.  I am loving this one a lot but I do rotate lipbalms a lot, I also love my EOS lipbalms.

And that’s it for my morning skin care routine…looks like a lot of work, but you can do all of this I less than 15 minutes in the morning and not only you are taking care of your skin but also it will make your makeup last longer and look pretty good.