Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Review: The One by Keira Cass + Novellas

Book review time and this one is over due a couple months already, the book is The One by Kiera Cass the 3rd and final book in The Selection trilogy.  Without further due, let's start:

The One by Kiera Cass

I loved the first 2 books a lot, and I mean a lot.  My expectations were a little high for this book and I am happy to say that my expectations met, this book blew me away.  I loved the ending, that last 2 chapters were amazing.
The book pretty much starts from were it was left on The Elite, America was still a participant on the selection, but in the last book she wasn't sure who she wanted, Maxon or Aspen.  But she soon realizes who she truly loves and she fights hard to win her true love.  I don't want to spoil it to anyone who hasn't had the chance to read this series.
We soon realize who America loves, not only because she says that she is falling for him, but also by her actions.  It wasn't a easy road for her and she still suffers until the very end, when she thought that she had lost her true love.
We also get to see a lot going on with the rebels, why some of the rebels are going into the castle.  Alliances are made which really was a blessing at the end.
There is also death in this book, I was really, really sad by a few of them, but there was one that I was surprised that it shocked me and made me sad.  It's one of the girls from the selection and I hated her for the last 2 books, but she truly changed my view of her in this book when opened up to America.
But there is a happen ending, and on that ending there is a WEDDING and a little more but if I tell you it will totally spoil the end for you.

I knew this book was coming out May and I hold off both novellas because of that.  I just wanted a little refreshment before I jumped into The One and I am glad that I did that.  Each novella is amazing and you get to understand the guys a little more.

The Guard, if you didn't guess (which I'm pretty sure you did) it's about Aspen.  We get to see his side of the story and how his actions brought him to his true love.  I am not going to lie while I was reading this book, Aspen did piss me off a little.  I was expecting for him to do a little more, to impress me but he didn't and it's okay, I do understand that you cannot fall in love with all the characters even when you really want to.  It was nice to see what he did during the day, his interaction with the staff at the castle.  It wasn't a total loss, I did enjoy it.

The Prince as you can tell, was Maxon's point of you.  I was really glad to read this one before I read The One, as you got to understand some of the decisions he had made in The Elite that you were not happy with.  This book really made me like Maxon a lot more, yeah if that was possible, right?  I loved to read about his feelings and why he was making some decisions.  After finishing this one I was more than glad that I had The One ready for me to read.

I recommend this books 100%. The Selection trilogy was definitely one of the best books I have read this year and with a great ending, I can tell you this, the main characters don't die.

I just found out there is another book or maybe a novella coming out this December, it will be the Queen's story.  I cannot wait for it...