Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flavored Water and Benefits

I am going off topic a little today, but it's a healthy topic...

I hate drinking water and because of that I get dehydrated quite often, sometimes daily.  Since I discovered flavored/infused waters a couple years ago, drinking water became fun and exciting.

But did you know that besides the yummy flavors there's also benefits from it?  Here are some of my favorite fruits and veggies that I like to use in my water and what they are good for:

Cucumbers/Watermelon: Natural diuretic which means it helps release water out of your body.

Lemons/Limes: Loosen toxins in your digestive tract and aids digestion.

Oranges: Helps your immune system,

Mint: Helps with digestion and sooth stomach cramps and bonus; fresh breath.

Cinnamon: Improves circulation and manages blood sugar levels.

Apple: Vitamin C, helps skin, repairs and maintains bone/teeth.

Strawberries: Anti-Aging YEAH

Rosemary: Stress relief

Blackberries/Cherry: Replenishes oxygen in the blood.

Pomegranate: Restores and repairs muscle tissue damage.

Raspberries/Blueberries: Anti-Oxidants.

That's a lot of benefits on foods that we already eat, right?

Here are my top 5 favorite recipes that I have tried and loved:

Cucumber/Mint/Lemon-really good detox water, be ready to hit the bathroom ALOT throughout the day.

Strawberries/Lemon/Mint-Good for your skin and stomach. There is just something about this combination that I never get tired of drinking it.

Blueberries/Strawberries/Oranges-Anti-Oxidants and such a nice sweet drink.

Strawberries/Rosemary/Watermelon-Stress relief; if you are like me you will LOVE this drink.

Blackberries/Pomegrante/Mint- Post Workout.  It minimizes the after workout pains.  For me, it's a win, win.

But you know what I love about it, is that you can put WHATEVER you want.  Today's flavored water?

 Watermelon, Mint, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries and it is SO YUMMY.

What's your favorite flavored water?