Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Top 5 Summer Nails

Summer is by far my favorite season, I love the heat, the longer days, the clothes, the hairstyles and nails.  Yeah, I love when a new season comes around, because it's time to change your nail polishes/nails arts to contemplate the current season.  And this summer was all about bright and happy colors.  I love changing up my nail polish about once a week and of course I love looking on Pinterest for inspirations.  And I just realized that all this nail polishes are drugstores...I do have some that are limited collections (bummer).

Here are my top 5 nail designs that I used this summer:

1-Revlon Minted with an anchor...I love nautical everything and you can see that the anchor is not 100% perfect but still looks good.  I did 2 coats of Minted on all nails and let it dry, once dried I used a white nail art nail polish for the stripes on the ring finger and then used a black nail art nail polish to do the anchor.  Use your imagination, it doesn't have to match your inspiration picture, that's what they are, Inspiration.

 2-JulieG Miami Beach with gold accent color...I used this color a lot this summer, if I wasn't sure what to do with my nails I would look over my nail polish collection and this nail polish would scream SUMMER. I used 2 coats of each color.

Gift of Gold
Miami Beach

3-Sally Hansen 270-Lacey Lilac and Sally Hansen 230-Plum Power: There are so many purple nail polishes out there, some scream fall, sprint and some summer. 2 coats the Lacy Lilac on all nails but ring finger which I used the Plum Power on, I also used the Plum Power color to do the dots. I loved this little combo that I did with some polka dots.  It looked really cute.


4-JulieG Canary Islands and JulieG Silver Bells: OK, I just realized that I used JulieG colors together on both looks, I swear it was not in purpose, pinkie swear (they look good, right?)...This yellow screams HAPPY and SUMMER at the same time.  I have used this yellow color multiple times this summer and I always get compliments on it and people always asks what I am wearing.  On the accent nails I applied 1 coat of the Canary Islands and 1 coast of the Silver bells and I loved the little yellow pick-a-boo effect, all the other nails that 2 coats of Canary Islands.


5-I saved this one for last because I just loved this one a lot, definitely my favorite.  I did 2 coats of Rimmel  Lasting Finish Pro in Blank Satin, used JulieG Canary Islands for the middle dot and LA Colors Nail Art in white for the petals.  I looks difficult at first but once you do it you realize that's actually pretty simple.  This proofs that you shouldn't be afraid to do designs, practice, practice and practice some more.  The more you do the easier it is.


And that's it...I have so many more that I want to do still this summer but these have definitely been my top 5 this summer.