Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Essentials: Part 1 Fashion

1-Maxi Dress-This is like a staple on my summer wardrobe.  It’s perfect to use during the day and/or at night.  When I don’t know what to wear that’s the one piece that I go for.  I usually get my maxis either from Target or TjMaxx.

2-Hat-I admit I am not a big hat person, but I love using it in the summer time to block the sun when I’m at the beach or a park.  Fedoras are always a fun and cute look.

3-Scarf-A lot of person put their scarves away when Spring/Summer comes.  But they have so many summer/light scarves.  I love, love, love scarves for a summer evening/night.

4-Romper-OMG, another easy outfit if it’s really out outside and you don’t know what to wear.  You can either dress it down or up.  This one is from Forever 21 and I got it when it was on sale for...wait for it...$6.

5-Fringe Bag-This summer everywhere you go you see fringe bags, I got my Steve Madden one at TjMaxx a few months bag and I am so glad that I did and for $40 it didn't break my bank.  It automatically makes your outfit so much fashionable.

6-Denim Vest-Such a great add on to my wardrobe.  I love pairing it with my maxi dresses or my summer dresses in general.  And it has become my summer obsession.

7 Bikini-You cannot forget your swimsuit for the summer. Target is the place to get swimsuits at the end of the season, I have gotten bottoms for $2 and tops for as low at $4. Bargain.

8-Sunglasses-I may not be a hat person but I am totally a sunglasses person.  I have lost the count on how many I have.  I love buying my sunglasses at TjMaxx or Marshalls or Forever 21.  Aviators are my favorite by far, but I have gone out of my confortable zone and purchased other styles that I totally love.

9-Oversized Watch-1 piece of jewelry that is classy and fashionable.  I love Michael Kors watches and did you know you can get them cheaper at TjMaxx/Marshalls?  Oh yeah…

10-Sandals/Flip Flops-What is summer without flip flops?  I agree, summer screams for flip flops.  I love these ones from Target, comfy with a little bling bling…Target brings this style out every year.

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