Friday, August 15, 2014

Lazy Day Tag

Ah, how I wish today was one of those lazy days, nothing to worry about...but nope, it's not one of those days, but doing this tag it makes me wish for one.

Here is what I do when I do have one of those Lazy Days:

1-What is your lazy day skincare routine?
        Bioderma, toner and moisturizer making your skin clean and fresh.  

2-What is your lazy day makeup?
       Mascara and lipbalm and maybe eyeliner.  Mascara really opens up your eyes making you        look awake.  Lipbalms are always a must for me as my lips get really dry if I don't wear              anything.

3-What is your lazy day hair style?
    Ponytail, messy bun.  Something that is easy and takes no time at all, that's what I like.

4-  What is your lazy day outfit?
    Shorts and tee in the summer, winter sweatpants and shirt.  And usually barefooted lol

5-What is your lazy day scent?
    Bath and Body works Enchanted body spray.  Do they still make this scent?  I hope so as I         am on my last bottle.

6-What is your lazy day pampering product/routine?
    Masks, face and eyes…I have recently discovered eye masks and I cannot get enough from it.     TJMaxx has them for an affordable price and yes I have stocked up on some of them. 

7-What is your lazy day snack/food?
   Cake and ice cream…don’t blame me.  I love heating up the cake and add the ice cream on           top and see how it melts...

 8- What is your lazy day drink?
      Flavored water or tea lemonade.  Right now I am loving the Peach Green Tea Lemonade           from Starbucks YUM.

What do you do on your lazy days?