Sunday, August 24, 2014

Night Time Skin Care Routine

Do you get lazy at the end of the day and don’t have the energy to take off your makeup and cleanse and do a hundred steps to get your face ready to go to sleep?  Yeah, that happens, there are some days that I get wicked lazy and just use a makeup wipe and then regret the next day when I break out.  One thing that has made a difference?  I make my skin care routine part of my sleeping routine, just like brushing my teeth and changing into my PJs, you don’t skip those steps, right? It totally helps, here are the products that I am currently using as part of my night time skin care routine.
Most of my PM skin care routine contains the same products that I use for my morning routine, but I gotta admit it, it is a longer process.  Let’s start:

First off you need to remove your makeup, don’t just use your cleanser to remove and cleanse your skin, you will be surprised by the amount of make that you are leaving behind.

1A-I like to start by using makeup wipes, currently I am using these from Neutrogena, and another one of my favorites are by Simple.

1-For my eye makeup, especially if you are using a lot of it, I start by using these Almay small round pads.  Amazing job it does.

2-Next I use my dear and amazing Garnier Nourshing Cleansing Oil; this product takes everything, I mean even when you think there is nothing left, this product will pick up makeup that are deep in your pores.  I love, love this product.

3-Up next I wash my face with my cleanser.  The one that I am using and loving recently is Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask.  Not only cleanses your skin but also clears and protects against breakouts.

The next 6 products I use the same as my morning routine:
4-I use my Olay Toner
5-My Anti-Blemish pads by Noxzema
10-My Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment if needed. 
6-My Ellen Tracy serum, which I'm about to run out of.
7-My eye gel
9-My lip gloss. 

For moisturizer I have been loving this Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil…I was petrified afraid to use oil in my face, but I am so glad that I gave this product ago, it makes my skin feel soft and moisturized.

That’s it for my night time skin care routine.  I really try to do this every night, but I am human and get lazy sometimes.
How about you? What is your night time skin care routine?  Do you do any other steps?