Friday, August 29, 2014

Empties: August 2014

My first Empties blog post.  Are you saying "What is Empties?", as it will not come as surprise by now, I love watching YouTube, and for maybe a couple years now, beauty gurus do these type of videos, where they show what products they have ran out of.  They also give you a mini review and let you know if they would repurchase that product again.  I thought it would be fun to do a blog post, especially I ran out of a lot of products this month.  I am not sure how often I will do these kind of posts, as you don't run out of so many products very month, right?  Well, I am going to stop talking, well typing and get to the post:

My little basket that I keep the empty products in:

A closer look:

Here are my empty products, a little bit of everything, from makeup to body to skin care.

1-Caress Daily Silk Body Wash (White Peach & Silk Orange Blossom):  So, I have been using Bath and Body Word body washes for a very long time, I cannot even remember the last time I used another kind.  Well, that was until I tried this one from Caress.  I had just ran out of my BB&W one and was just to lazy to get another one from the cabinet and this one was already in the shower as my husband was using.  I fell in love with it, it says daily silk, right?  It truly feels silky and makes your skin feel so smooth while you are washing with it and even out of the shower you can feel your skin soft.  Will I repurchase again: YES.

2-Bioderma: I have been using Bioderma for a few years now and I just ran out of this bottle the beginning of August.  I love this product, I totally recommend this product and yes, it's a little on the expensive side, but my skin is important and definitely thanks me when I use it.  It's a multi purpose product, it takes off ALL your makeup including eye makeup and after your makeup is all gone, you just use it again to cleanse your skin.  Not only does amazing with removing makeup and cleanse but it's also so sensitive for your skin, I have a very sensitive skin and not all products will be good for me, this one was a win at the very first day. Will I repurchase: YES, I actually need to do it now, because I bought one that was said that did the same thing as Bioderma and it ruin my skin in 1 day and when I used it again on the second day, well it was a disaster, breakouts all over.

3-Olay Oil Minimizing Toner: I am not going to talk to much about this product now, as I am doing another blog post where I will get into more details.  But one thing I will say, it's AMAZING. Will I repurchase? Yes, in fact I have already repurchased, not 1 but 2 of them already.

4-Ellen Tracy Intensive Deep Wrinkle Serum: I got this product at TjMaxx and it took me a little time to give it a try, but once I made serum part of my skin care routine, it totally blew me away.  It doesn't make my skin dry or sticky, I pat this in my face and neck and my skin just absorbs it like water.  Will I repurchase again? Yes, I am actually looking for it, went to a couple TjMaxx and didn't find, I am hoping they are bringing it back.  Do you know where I could purchase this at?

5-Matrix total results Repair: This is a leave-in hair product, it says that it helps with hair that breaks easily and it's also good for over processed hair.  To tell you the truth, I was not impressed by it.  It felt nice when I put in my hair, but it didn't help when my hair was tend to break.  It was just an okay product.  Will I repurchase again? Probably not.  There are so many good leave-in treatments out there.

6-Silicon Mix bambu Hair Mask: Now when I used this hair mask I saw results instantly. Even washing off your hair after you apply the product you can run your hands thru your hair and it fell smooth and not tangling at all.  My hair gets tangled a lot and I loved the days I got to use this mask as it made brushing my hair after taking a shower so much easier.  It also makes your hair look a lot more shiny and bouncy and it claims to get with hair growth, I think I will agree with it.  I just saw a picture from a couple months ago and my hair is sooo much longer now and I think it may be because of it.  Will I repurchase again: Yes, of course.

7-BB&W Sparkling Pink Champagne Hand Soap: I think I got his hand soap at one of my Bath and Body Works black Friday bags.  It has taken me a little time to use it, but I really enjoyed it, my hands never felt dry after washing with this product.  Will I repurchase: I think so, if it's available.

8- Benefit they're Real! Mascara: I got this sample with one of my Sephora purchases.  At the beginning I didn't think they made a real difference.  I do have good lashes, pretty much all mascara's look good on me.  But after using it for a couple weeks I got to see the difference.  I have to say, when you start using it, it's a really wet consistency mascara, and when it dried a little more it made a really good difference.  Will I repurchase: Yes, I know it's a little expensive for a mascara but it's worth it.

9-Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Definer Eye Liner in Black: I have a few eye liners that I rotate, but once I started using this one I just couldn't stop using it, well I did stop eventually, but it was when it was all gone.  I loved how it stayed on my water lines (upper and lower) really well for the whole day.  I used it for my water lines, as a eye liner.  It is a really good eye liner for a drugstore one.  Will I repurchase: Yes and soon.

And that's it for my "empties", did you like it?  Let me know so I can keep doing it this kind of post.