Thursday, August 14, 2014

What’s in my Bag?

Am I the only one that can sit for hours watching “What’s in my Bag” videos on YouTube?  I don’t think so, right? Do you want to know what I am carrying it around with me? Let’s start:

1-My bag is by London Fog, I got at the TjMaxx I think a year ago and I paid about $50 for it.  It’s really roomy as it has lots of pockets to organize everything.

2-In my front pocket I keep my iPhone, business cards, my glasses (just in case I need to remove my contacts) and my sunglasses (these ones are from F21).

3-On the big inside pocket I have tissues (you never know when you need them lol), my check book, and I have some keys (boat/car/work).

4-Then there is 2 smaller pockets, on one of them I keep lip products ( I have my favorite lipstick ever Revlon Primrose and my current favorite lipgloss Apple Strudel from NYX), a travel perfume ( I think I have Channel Mademoiselle in this one), some pens (I am kind of addicted to pens) and hand sanitizer.

5-In the bottom of my bag I have a hair clip, hand lotion (Sally Hansen), my makeup bag (want to know what I have inside? click here) and my wallet (Michael Kors).  

Well, I am kind of surprised at myself of how little I have inside my purse, most of the time I carry so much that it ends up weighing like a ton. 

Hope you like it, what to you carry with you?