Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Summer Fashion Obsession: Denim Vest

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.  Today I want to talk about what I have been crazy about this summer, Denim Vest...

The truth is I bought this denim vest last year (at Target) and never used and this year I am just obsessed with it.  When I need something to complete my look this is what I have been grabbing.  Here is how I style it 3 different looks with it:

1-Over a Maxi dress, finish it off with sandals and some gold jewelry.  The denim vest completes this look making it a laid back look.

2-Shorts, a basic T-shirt, edges and silver jewelry.  The denim vest makes this basic laid back look for put together.

3-Leather leggings, lose shirt, scarf, booties and just some big earrings.  Perfect for summer nights and again the vest makes it a laid back look while the accessories still makes it look sophisticated.  

Hope you guys like these 3 options for a denim vest.  What fashion item have you been obsessed this year? Tell me below...