Thursday, August 21, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Feeling Grey

As you know since been in a car accident and coming out of it with a concussion, I pretty much lost most of my summer.  However it did get to me until today when I left the house and it felt like a fall day instead of a summer one.  I mean, I only started to feel a little better a couple weeks ago...I want SUMMER to last FOREVER.  Okay, I totally went a little of topic there, so it was a little colder today than it should be.  It wasn't cold, cold; I just miss the hotness and humidity that comes with summer. 
And because I the weather wasn't that great, I matched my outfit to it. 

No Sun + Grey Clouds =

Shirt: TjMaxx
Pants: Walmart
T-Sandal: Forever21
Bag: Steve Madden-TjMaxx
Watch: Macy's
Earrings: Kohls

How's your summer?  Long or short?