Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review: Shatter Me Trilogy & Novellas

I know, I know I am really late with this series.  It took me a bit of time to get to it, sometimes there is just so much hype about a book and I kind of get afraid to jump into it.  But I am really glad that I did, I enjoyed it.  Let's jump into it?

First Book-Shatter Me

I started reading this book and I don't know why but I wasn't getting into it, took me a very long time to finish it.  This story is about Juliette, who cannot touch anyone as her touch can be fatal.  The Reestablishment locked her up because the last time she touched someone something terrible happened.  She writes her thoughts on a little notebook, it's the only connection that she has with life.  Then she gets a roommate, Adam who she is afraid at first but starts to think of him as a friend.  Then things take a strange turn as she is taken out of her cell and brought over to the Reestablishment's headquarters.  There she meets Warner, the 19 year old who is in charged of that sector.  At first she doesn't know why would they want her there, but soon Warner explained to her that together they could be invisible if they work together.  Warner is fascinated and obsessed by Juliette's power, so obsessed that he goes out of his way to make her use it.  Adam surprises Juliette by discovering that he as known her, they went to school together.  Juliette remembers Adam, and together they escape Warner's prison.  There is some action while they are in the run, but they make it to Adam's house where we meet Adam's little brother James.  They thought they were safe there however when one of Adam's military friend Kenji shows up at his door step and tells them they need to leave right away as Warner was on his way to get them.  And so they run again, however Kenji belongs to a Rebellion against the Reestablishment called Omega Point.  During their escape Warner captures Adam and tortures him, gets Juliette and tells her that he may love her, Juliette takes that change and shots Warner, saves Adam and all together they escape to Omega Point.

Second book-Unravel Me
This book, what can I say, it started off slow for me, but things picked up towards the end and Juliette still drove me crazy with her moods.  Adam started to drive me crazy, Warner still didn't win my heart on this book either. Kenji, THANK GOD for Kenji, he is by far my favorite character.  He is a breath of fresh air.
So, the book picked up from when we left on Shatter Me.  Adam, Juliette and Kenji are now at Omega Point, there they meet lots of people that have abilities like Juliette, not the exact one as she is the only one with that lethal touch.  However people there can do amazing things, invisibility, flexibility, make objects move with their minds, she finally had a place where she didn't feel out of place.  Once there a suit and gloves are made especially for her and she can begin practice and see what else she is able to do. At first she doesn't do anything, she is on her own, doesn't want to train but things starts to change and she does begin to train.  Adam in the other hand spends his days training, where he is trying to find out why he is immune to Juliette and what his ability is.  Kenji helps Juliette a lot, and I mean a lot, he is the best friend that everybody's wishes for. 
Warner's father, the commander comes to town to find out about the rebels and things pick up from it.
In this book lots of things happen, some of the Omega Point people are taken prisoners at Warner's headquarters.  Warner is caught and bought back to OP as a prisoner where tension builds up pretty quick as people are not happy with Warner's presence. Juliette is told to question Warner and when she does she learns so many new things about him, she sees a different side of him that no one else does.  Warner escapes OP but he tells Juliette that his dad is going to attack and for them to be ready for it.  OP prepares for the attack and when it finally happens it is worse than anything they ever imaged.  Juliette is caught prisoner by Warner's dad and he shots her in front of Warner.

Third Book: Ignite Me

This is by far my favorite book in this series, Juliette finally grows up and takes charge and fights for what she has always wanted, to save our world.
Juliette wakes up from being shot by Warner's dad and learns that the girls helped heal her with Warner's help.  She also learns that everyone at Omega Point is dead as Warner's dad bombed the place during the attack.  She doesn't take well the news but she promises that revenge is definitely coming.  Warner also tells her that he is against his father, that he wants to fight with her to destroy the Reestablishment.  At first Juliette is surprised but she believes Warner.  One day Warner takes Juliette to the old Omega Point place so she can see it for herself the destroyed place.  Once they get there guess who is at the same spot?  Kenji, he takes Juliette back to Adam's old house and tells her that there are some survivors and that James and Adam is among them.  Adam has taken totally a different attitude towards Juliette, he resents her for her not been in love with him as he is with her.  He also doesn't believe Juliette when she tells them that Warner wants to join forces and destroy his father.  Eventually they all accept Warner's help and together bring come up with a plan to destroy the Reestablishment.  They get the help for people of their sector and together they join forces to save their dying world.  Juliette realizes that she loves Warner and finally accepts him for who he is.
Adam finally tells Warner that they share the same father making them brothers, Warner is happy to know that he has more family and James is just a sweetheart of a kid and takes in Warner so well.
Lots of action happens in the last chapters and together they fight and win that battle, not a war as that was the first sector they have in their power, they  believe that all together they will destroy the whole entire Reestablishment.
I really liked how the book ended, it was a great victory for them and at the same time it left a door open if Tahereh Mafi ever wants to write anything else about their future.  I didn't like how Adam was portrait in this book, his character was winning and kind of obsessed to get Juliette back.  Other than that it was a really great book to read.  Even though I wasn't crazy about the first two books, I am glad I decided to read this one.  I am really happy with it.

There were two novellas in this series, I read them after I was done reading all the books, I knew one was through Warner's point of view and the other through Adam's and I really didn't want to dive in to Ignite Me picking sides already as I still didn't know if I liked either Adam or Warner.

The first Novella is by Warner's point of view and it's: Destroy Me:

You totally get to see a different side of Warner, the kind side, the trouble childhood.  If you hate Warner, you have to admit that you do feel sorry for him, who would have like to grow up the way he did?  And in this book you really get to see how he falls in love with Juliette.  I was a really good novella, a quick and informative read.

Fracture Me:

;The last book that I read in this series is the novella is told by Adam's point of view.  I admit, I really liked Adam in the first and most of the second book, but he got into my nerves by the way he wanted Juliette and in this novella that didn't change.  I almost didn't finish this one, but it is very, very rare that I don't finish a book so I suck it up and finished.  From all five of them this one was my least favorite.  And Ignite Me was by far my favorite.

My final words, it was an okay series, I give it a 3.5 stars.  I know there are so many people that loved this series but I would not compare these books to the Divergent series.

That's it for today, love post but I really wanted to put this review out as it has been a while now that I read these books.