Thursday, October 2, 2014

What's on my List: Fall TV Shows 2014

One of the things that I love about Fall are the return of my favorite shows and also new ones.

First let's start with the shows that I have been watching since the very first episode:

1. The Vampire Diaries: Still love it and hoping to be good.  I don't know how they are getting Bonnie and Damon back from the other side, but I am interested to find out.

2. The Originals: I am not going to lie, last year I was kind of upset they were creating this show.  Why?  How can you have 2 vampires shows at the same time and still good?  I don't know but I gonna say they did it and I love it.  Can wait to get more of Klaus...

3. Grey's Anatomy: I have watched this show since the very first episode and the last few seasons haven't been fantastic.  But I kind of feel loyal to this show and just HAVE to watch it.

4. Scandal: I love this show...honesty again?  I still need to finish last season as I fell behind on episodes, so I will finish watching last season and be ready to dig in on the current one.  Olivia Pope is amazing.

5. Chicago Fire: My husband found this show last year and he loved it and because of that I started watching.  I really didn't want to add more shows to watch, but I got sucked in right away and it has become one of my favorites.

6. Revenge:  Wow, what can I say about this show...totally on my top 3 favorite shows. Can wait to find out what happens to Victoria. Amazing.

7. The 100: This is a new show from last year, if you like to read dystopian books you will love this show.  Can't wait to see what happens next.  I think there are books about this show and I am so going to read them, but the TV show is really good.

8. A show that I heard SO much about it last year and want to watch is: The Blacklist.  And Netflix has the first season, so I will be watching that first and catch up to the current one.

New shows that look interesting to me:

9. Jane the Virgin: It looks hilarious and I need some laugh too.

10. Bad Judge: Ok, the main reason that I want to watch is Kate Walsh.  Don't blame me, I loved her in Grey's and Private Practice so I have to watch this one.

That is what is on my list, it's a lot, well I at least think it is.

What are your favorite shows?  Which ones would you recommend to me?