Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Looks: Gothic & Vampire

It's Halloween week and for the last week I have been trying some looks for Halloween.  Maybe you guys can help me decide which one I should wear on Halloween? 

And for some reason I am totally into the more scary looks this year, and the kids are loving all the different looks that I have been doing, it's been Halloween in my house for a few days now. lol

Today I am going to show you 2 looks, 2 easy looks for that matter.  Want to see? Let's do it.

First, let me show you the Halloween makeup that I used:

I got his kit at the drugstore, contains white paint and 3 crayons (Red, Purple & Black):

This is another kit that I got at the drugstore, you can find these kits everywhere.  The colors: grey, white, red, black & green.  And a little sponge applicator:

I also got this Vampire Blood at the drugstore ( It is really cool)...

I used a setting powder, this one is from Smashbox, elf also makes a really good one:

A black eyeshadow, I used this one from the Naked Basics 1 palette:

And some sponge applicators, I also used some makeup brushes:

First look and really the EASIEST one:


Prepare your face the regular way, your usual foundation, concealer...  For eyeshadow use a black one all over the lid and bring it up to your crease.  For the inner corner use a white shimmery shadow to balance the dark shadow.  Use a black eyeliner on both water lines and line your top lid.  Use plenty mascara for this look, you can even use some false lashes.  And for the fun part of the look, black lipstick.  I found mine at CVS together with the Halloween stuff. 

Style the hair whatever way you want, I had mine straight and parted to one side. 

And don't forget a shocker...and wear all black.

I loved how this makeup looks in different lighting...

Second look:


This was definitely a fun look to create and I love watching The Originals and The Vampire Diaries and some of the inspiration came from there.

I did use a lighter foundation for this look, used a black eyeshadow in the lid towards the crease.  I used a red eyeshadow in the crease and on the bottom lashes too.  I used a liquid eyeliner to create the veins under the eyes, looking at it; I should have done shorter veins, but it's a lesson that I learned, we have to learn from our mistakes, right?    For the lips, I used a red liner, red lipstick and darkened the outer lips with the black lipstick.  I smudged the red lipstick in the corner of the mouth to were blood would be from feeding...Then I used some red and black shadow on that blood spots...and that was it.

These vampire teeth came with the vampire blood, but they were not comfortable at all...

Yeah, I got too carried away...

Ok, that's a scary face...lol

Close up of the look...

And that's the 2 makeup looks for today.  What do you guys think?

Are you dressing up for Halloween?