Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Look: Zombie

Let's just continue the rest of the week with Halloween posts?  Today I am bringing you another Halloween look; Zombie.  My little girl loved it so much that she begged me to create it on her and of course I did.  My son loved it too and that is what he is going to be for Halloween, but he wanted to try the vampire look and I; of course couldn't say no.

Alright, that is enough rambling; let's get to the look:

For the makeup used, check yesterday's post here; and there you can also check out my Gothic and Vampire look.

Zombie (s)

I started by applying white paint all over my face and setting it with a white powder.  Next I used a grey shadow and applied all over my lids, up to the brow and down below the eyes.  Next, contouring the cheek bones with some brown and grey shadows, go heavy on the contour, you want your cheek  bones to pop.  For my lips I used a dark red and added black on the inside of my lips.  Next, use a red paid crayon and draw lines where you want your "cuts" to be, I did in my forehead, cheek, nose and side of the mouth.  I used a black paint crayon to draw a line in the middle of the red and blended it in with my fingers.  And for the best part...apply your fake blood on your "cuts" and you are done.

I think that I may be doing this look for Halloween, but if I do I will apply the white paint down my neck and my exposed hands and dark it a bit with some grey shadow.

It does look kind of real...

And scary...

These are iphone pictures with different filters, which brings out more the darks...

Ah, I added some veins after, in my forehead and under my eyes...for an "infected" look.

And here is my little model, well she was a happy zombie...

And here is my oldest with a vampire look...

And here is the scary mom and kids...well happy mom and kids...

And that's it for today. 

We did some pumpkin carving today as a family and it was great.  Maybe a little too much concentration and stimulation for my brain as now I am suffering from a headache, but it was still fun. 

Here is a couple pictures from out pumpkin carving adventure:

What were you up to today?  Are you getting ready for Halloween?