Monday, October 20, 2014

Nail of the Week: Greycian Goddess

Happy Monday!!! Another day, another week.  Today I had my second meditation session and I have to say it, I am loving.  I feel so much relaxed after the session, and my brain is loving the quiet/down time of an hour.  If you have a brain injury, please do a few meditation sessions, it helps you as much physically as mentally.  And I'm going to stop for now because I am going totally off topic, oops sorry... :)

I did my nails yesterday, I went 2 weeks without doing it that I totally forgot how it makes me relax and enjoy the present time.  It's all about Fall and darker shades, for this week I went with a grey with blue undertones...let's take a look:

The Nail Polish in question?

560 Greycian Goddess by L'Oreal...

I love this color so much, everything I looked at my nails today it brought a smile to my face.  Yeah, I know, cheesy, but sometimes it is the small things that brings you a smile.

Okay, I am totally feeling nostalgic today and on that note...Hope you all have a great week with peace and health.

What do you have on your nails this week?