Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Look: Broken Doll

Last Halloween look before I brink you the:

Broken Doll

It took me a little bit more time than the others that I have done (Gothic & Vampire and Zombie), but it was still a fun one to do and a popular one this year.

I had my regular makeup on from the day, so I started by adding the white paint that I used on the previous looks (you can click on the Gothic & Vampire for the Halloween makeup), I applied to all my face and brought it down to my neck.

Next I did my eyes, I did a shimmery purple/green on the whole eye (eyelids, crease and up to the brow bone), lined the top and for the lashes, I used a white eye pencil and added a thick line under the eye.  After that I took a liquid liner and lined the white line, creating a bigger eye.  Also to the bottom I added some lines to create the "lashes", and to complete the eye look I added some false lashes, big ones for lots of volume.

I used Benetint by Benefit to  my cheeks, creating a really rosy look.  I setting my whole face with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder.  For my lips I used a bright pink and make my lips a little smaller like a doll, of course.

And for the fun part, let's break that doll face.  Wow, that sounded wrong...So, where was I? Oh yeah, the broken part, take a liquid liner and draw a large dot and trace some lines and add as many as that to the face as you want.  I did my forehead, cheek, nose and a little under the mouth.

And here is the finish look:

I did curled my hair and then did pigtails...

Without the pigtails...


What do you guys think?  So, which look should I do tomorrow???  AH, I need HELP!