Monday, October 6, 2014

Book Review: Champion by Marie Lu

Alright, I am done with Legend Trilogy and I am happy and sad and want more and more.  Just finished reading Champion yesterday (I stayed up until 1am, which didn't help my PCS headaches, but I totally do not regret) and I am so ready to do my review.  Let's do it?

 First, can we start with the map at the beginning of this book? OMG, so amazing, it made everything look more understandable and real and amazing, have I said AMAZING. Yeah, let's stop.

The book starts off with Day updating us on what has been happening to him since he said goodbye to June on Prodigy.  One of the updates that we get is of his health, and I am so glad that we get Day's point of view, so this way we know his true feelings about his health, Eden, June, the Republic and everything else.  I don't want to spoil, so you just wait to read and fall in love, or should I say more in love with Day.

And then we get an update on June and what decisions she made since the last book, like how she has accepted the position of a Princeps Elect..  With June we get to see what is happening deep inside the Republic, like the trials on Thomas and Commander Jameson (I hate that woman), the war, the plague and the politics.  Yes there are some politics going on in this book, and we get to know how June truly feels about it and how that affects her decisions throughout the book.

June and Day haven't seen or talked to each other in 8 months and they are forced to communicate because of a big problem that is happening and an even bigger one that's going to be happening if they don't get Day's help.

When a peace treaty is imminent, a plague outbreak may end that and start a much worse war, involving international help.  We get to learn about different countries, and how evolved the world is outside the Republic.

Day and June go above and beyond to help the Republic once again.  I loved how great those two work together, how great their strategies are and how effective they are.

Oh yes, we get to see the Patriots in action again, and Tess.  Wow, Tess is so different in this book, I actually fell in love with her character. 

Ok, what can I say that doesn't ruin the book for others that haven't read?  It's so hard, one thing ties to the other and I should just shut up and just tell you how great it is.

I give this book a 5 out o5, without question.  The last two chapters, I laughed, I cried, I hated what Marie Lu was doing to my characters and then I loved her for doing that.  So many emotions...I have to say it, since my accident and not been able to read because of my PCS, this trilogy brought me back to loving to read, to transport me to those worlds and feel what the characters are feeling. 

Please, if you haven't read this series, for whatever reason, do read it, because you will just fall in love with it.

The end was pretty awesome, I wish there was a little more, don't we all?

Love, love, love...