Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Book Review: Saven Defiance by Siobhan Davis

I was sick this past weekend, trust me it wasn't fun being sick, but some good came out of it.  I read lots of it.  I started and finished two whole books and even started a third one.  Yeah, read lots of books.

One of the books that I read this past weekend was this one right here, this past weekend was kind of a Siobhan Davis weekend, I read this book and then read a beta read of one of her new books coming out, if you haven't read any of her books, I don't know what to say, wake up and go and start to read her books.  Her True Calling series was where I started so those books have a special place in my heart  But if you like Aliens, the Saven series is for you, this one is book 3 of it so if you haven't started to read this series yet, read my review for book 1: Save Deception.  Book 2 is Saven Disclosure, and you have to read her novella before reading book 3 which is Saven Denial because it contains so much information for this book...and talking about this book, let's review it:

Saven Defiance by Siobhan Davis


Sadie has accepted who she is and her identity, specially now, when war in outer space is going full force.  Sadie sets out on a daring quest with her friends, which takes them into deep alien territory.  The journey is not an easy one, especially when previous adversaries become new allies and cherished friends become suspicious opponents.

The heirs unite in a bid to restore peace to the galaxy, however powerful enemies surround them on all sides.  When hidden agendas and shocking revelations come to light, the fallout is massive.

Sadie's love life is also a tangled, messy affair.  While one relationship is embraced forever, the other threatens to destroy everything.  She will do anything to protect those who she loves, however there is so much she can do...

There was so much that happened on this book, we got to see Sadie and Logan's relationship develop to new extremes and it was amazing.  At first I wasn't so sure about their eterno thingy but the way it was portrait it?  Well done, really well done.

We also go to say Sadie and Ax and the whole mess of their relationship, and I'm not going to say too much about it, because first their relationship is complicated, second everyone is going to have a different opinion about Ax (he aggravated the crap out of me, sorry) and third, I just don't know what third is, okay?  I just want to say, that Sadie should just let him go, I know they had a past and that complicates things, but she is with Logan, right?

I really freaking love the side characters, Haydn was crazy at the beginning but he got his crap together and became the guy that we love.  Neeve and Izzy?  I love them sooo much, best best friends you can ask, that's for sure.   Jarod is back and I hope we can to see again because he really is a great friend and I want him to be happy at the end, their reunion was everything :)

Dante, now here is a character that I want gone for good, and I really hope we get to see that next book.  I cannot wait to read the next book and find out what will happen to him and the everyone else of course.

4.5 out of 5 stars...let's read the next one :)  And if you haven't started reading this series yet, what are you waiting for?