Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 Wrap Up

And just like that March is over and even though Spring has arrived, New England weather is still cold and more like winter than Spring (it's snowing today-yeah tell me about it), hoping that with April coming the warm weather will be coming SOON.  But anyway, let's get back to today's post and show you all the books that I read this Month:

1. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard: 3.5 stars

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading this book, but I just think my expectations where way to high and I didn't get what I wanted.  The first book was a lot better than this one that's just my opinion, but the ending of this book?  OMG it left me wanting the third one for sure, so do I recommend it?  Absolutely.

2. Peter Pan by J.M. Bard: 5 stars

When back to my childhood and I loved it just as much...

3. Once by Anna Carey: 5 stars

This book?  It was even better than the first one, I loved it.

4.  The Other One by Holly Badger: 4 stars

Once I was finished with Once, I needed something quick to read and I remembered reading 5 to 1 last year and loving that book and I went to Goodreads to see if the 2nd book was coming and out and Nope it's not, so I went to the author's website and found this Free Novella and decided to read it and it was great to be back in that world and this novella was way to short and left me craving more.  I really hope Holly Bodger writes the second book of 5 to 1 soon.

5.  Rise by Anna Carey: 5 stars

And of course I had to pick up and read Rise and find out how this trilogy ends and it was everything I wanted and needed in a trilogy.  These books kept getting better book after book, they were SO GOOD.  Totally recommend them.

6. The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel: 5 stars

Ah, my favorite book this month for SURE, The Book of Ivy, I had heard nothing but great things about it and once I started reading it?  I couldn't put it down, it was everything you want on a dystopian YA book and more.  Once I was done reading I just couldn't stop thinking about it, especially the end, OMG the end of this book left you craving for the second one.

7. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness: 5 stars

I read my first Patrick Ness book this month and guess what?  I love it, I went blind into this book and Holly Molly this book was nothing what I was expecting and it just broke my heart, in a good way but still broke my heart.  I loved it.  Go read if you haven't yet and I'm not going to say more about it.

8. Alight by Scott Sigler: 4.75 stars

Ah, Alone was one of my favorite books of 2015 and once I found out that Alight was coming out this year I knew for sure I was going to read it, but once NetGalley had it available to pick up for review?  I had to try to get my hands on it and see it I could read it before it came out and yes I was one of the lucky ones that go it.  And I already read it and yes it was just as amazing as the first one.  Scott Sigler just knows how to write brutal stories and knows how to make you love it.  This book comes out April 5 and you should totally pick it up and read it.

9. The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel: 5 stars

Are you even surprised that I read this one this month?  I mean I couldn't sleep for days thinking about the end of the first book, so of course I bought the second and final book.  And even though it wasn't has fast passing as the first one I still loved everything that happened and how everything wrapped up, especially the end, it really ended it on a great note.  Totally recommend this duology.

I gotta say it was an amazing reading month, it started off slow and not so great, but from then it was great.  I loved all the books I read, they kept getting better and better as the month went by.  My favorite this month?  It would have to be The Book of Ivy duology, I cannot recommend these books enough, LOVE IT.