Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Book Tag: 25 Bookish Facts About Me

Alright, it has been a very long time since I have some anything other than a Book Review, so today I'm bringing you a Book Tag.  There is this Tag going around BookTube and it looks fun and I'm going to stop now and get to it...

25 Bookish Facts About Me

my bookshelf...

1. I LOVE reading at night.  And it may be because I know for sure there won't be no interruptions at that time.  And I have a little thing called insomnia so that works out perfectly!!!

2. My favorite genre is Young Adult; but you will see me reading other genres too.  I've recently started reading Fantasy and love it, you can't ever get wrong reading some Contemporary books and a Classic is just good for your soul once in a while.

3. I probably own more ebooks than physical books.  Why?  Because Amazon is mean and does amazing Kindle deals and I'm a sucker for the Free and $1.99 and the $2.99 deals.  Don't hate me.

4. I'm not good reading more than 1 book at time.  It stresses the crap out of me; there I said it, whenever I have 2 or 3 books on my currently reading list, I get on a reading slump and Oh Man it's hard to get out of it.  So, I try to stick to my 1 book at a time and when I do that I usually can finish within one to 3 days tops.

5. My current TBR pile is over 50 books.  But what is a girl got to do about it, is it my fault that authors keep coming out with amazing books?  And then they come out with sequels and then it becomes trilogies or series?  See, not my fault, right?  Seriously, I should just stop buying books...

6. I refuse to watch a movie that is based on a book without reading the book first.  I just know the book is going to be better and I need to compare them. And the worst is I usually get disappointed when the movie doesn't have my favorite parts in it.  WHY???

7. First books I started reading were romance Harlequin, how?  I used to steal them from my older sisters when I was like 6 or 7 years old.  The last time I read an Harlequin book was probably over 7 years ago, but I can still remember the first book I read, not the title but the story :)  My reading taste has totally improved lol

8. I LOVE NetGalley and that's the place were I request my eARCs.  I have found some of my favorite books there and totally recommend the site.  Wait, let me go there and check what's new...

9. If I start a book I'm going to finish it, even if I'm not into it.  Most of the time I ended up not hating it completely because I stuck with it and read it until the end and usually the other half of the book pick it up.  But there are times that the book just didn't do it for me but I still finished it, because that's just how I am.

10. I cry easily with books and my husband just doesn't get it.  I get so much into a book and I really feel that I'm right there with those characters and feeling what they are feeling that when something bad happens I'm a crying river.

11. I don't break my book spines and fold my pages and I would have a nervous break down if someone did that to my books.  One time I was reading and ignoring my husband and kids and he grabbed my book and threatened to break my book spine and I literally cried.  Yeah, I know...

12.  Audiobooks...I've only listened to 3 of them so far and for some reason the only one I've liked was Amy Poehler's.  And it takes me forever to finish it,  over a month to be exact, I just cannot get into and the only place I can really listen to it is in my car and only when I'm alone.  Yeah, not a fan of Audiobooks yet.

13. I don't re-read books.  I actually don't remember the last time I re-read a book, I finish a book and I may LOVE that book but I don't see myself re-reading it.  The only books that I may re-read is the Harry Porter series in the anticipation of the new book coming out this year, and only because I read when I was little, that's IT.

14.  I love Goodreads and I make it a point to update my reading status ALL THE TIME.  Let's be friends there: Goodreads.

15. I got a concussion from a car accident and spent 3 months without reading or watching any TV.  When I was allowed some stimulation back I picked reading instead of TV.  Yeah, reading is way better.

16. I cannot go inside a bookstore just for browsing, because I WILL buy a book.  Bookstores are my everything, it doesn't matter what kind of bookstore, Barnes and Noble? Sure.  Used Book Store? Why not!!!

17.  I recently finished reading, Me Before You and I went to multiple stores until I found a copy of it.  Because EVERYBODY was talking about it and I just need it, I just did.

18. I recommend books to all my friends, co-workers and family ALL THE TIME.  I just don't see why they are not reading, especially if they are book to movie adaptions, I always make sure I tell the books are way better.

19. BookTube was the best and worst invention ever.  Why?  Because of it I end up buying and reading more books than I probably should.  Who am I kidding, I love it lol.

20. Favorite way to read a book?  I read paperbacks, hardbacks, on my kindle and my phone if I'm somewhere and that's the only thing I have with me.  What matters is that I'm reading, period.

21. I read Erotica books too, some of them are so horrible that I just can't get through them and I can't believe how they even got published, but I still read them once in a while, because when I need a break from all the YA and dystopian books that's what I think it will get me right back at it. lol

22. When my kids want a toy I bring them to the book section at the store, what better toy than a book?  And it works; most of the times :)

23. Sometimes I buy books and hide the fact from everybody at home, because it is a problem when you buy more books and you have bookcases full of books at home that you haven't read yet.  Oh Well.

24. There are so many classics that I haven't read yet...but I'm hoping to read at least 3 or more of them this year; I'm hoping.

25. I love shopping for great deals on books and will find the cheapest prices on them, Book Outlet always gets me with their sales, but you just cannot beat their prices.

And that will do for my facts, have you done this Tag?  Comment below so I can check it out?

And I Tag everyone else that hasn't done it yet!!!