Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MIA & Portugal

Wow, I can't believe that's been a week since I last posted something. My last post was a travel one and that's because I had to travel last minute to Portugal (S. Miguel island in the Azores) because my husband's grandmother passed away.  I thought that I could still post while I was away but I couldn't.  Why?  First of all it was NOT a vacation, we went to her funeral and once I was there i realized how touched I was by her death, she was a lovely lady who I could sit down and have a conversation with, she will be dearly missed.  And the other reason?  My sisters, I still have 2 sisters there who I miss so much, been over 3000 miles away it's not easy, so while I was there it was all about spending time together.  And the final reason, I got sick.  Yes, you read that right, every time I go to Portugal I end up sick.  So, I was either sleeping, or talking to my sisters and when you don't want the week to go fast; it flies.

I took some pictures, not a lot as I was not sightseeing but here is a few of them:

Do you see those tiny houses? That's my city...

Arriving at sunrise you get amazing views like this one...

Here I am with my sisters...

And one of my sisters has this Portuguese water dog that I fell in love with, I just wanted to bring him home with me (she wouldn't let me, I tried).  His name is Blackie and he is such a character...love him.

This is what you will find just walking around...green everywhere.

This was our favorite coffee shop...Ah, they make the BEST lattes...bring me back!  And a marina and ocean as a view? You can't beat that.

And it was time to leave...I love that you walk to the airplane and get to say goodbye to this beautiful island one last time.

Now it's back to reality...I am happy that I got to see my sisters again, it's so good to spend time with your loved ones that live far away.

How was your week?