Friday, November 28, 2014

Book Review: Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Happy Black Friday!!!  The biggest shopping day in USA, because of my concussion I didn't go at 12AM shopping (like I have been doing for the last 2 years), but both me and the hubby were up at 4am and we went out to a couple stores and did some shopping, not as much as I have done in the past but not too bad.  And one of the deals that I took advantage today was online at Book Outlet, their whole site is 30% off and they had a deal the beginning of this that we could get up to $10 to spend today (I tweeted it), so I just finished ordering 9 books for only $17, not bad.

But today's post is not all about Black Friday, but it is book related.  Are you ready for another book review?  I hope so because today's post is one; let's do it:

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

The book starts with Ruby doing an Op for the Children's League and from there she explains what her life has been during the last few months.  How the League trains and teaches them.  How she is a Leader of a group of kids; kids that she does everything not to get attached to; just like the last time.  She also explains how the League has been using her abilities and how she feels about it.  Things are not perfect but she is going with flow of things, that is until everything changes on that Op.  From that Op she is trusted a secret; one that makes her g into very dangerous mission, one that involves leaving the Children's League behind and Liam.

As Ruby is out on that mission, she feels obligated to take one of her teammates; Jude a 15 year old boy who is sweet as can be and that trusts Ruby.  And off they go to find Liam; who is the one that has the flash drive that contains the secret information; the one he took by mistake.  While she is looking for Liam; she is reunited with Chubs; who couldn't be more excited to see her, but she also gets a person that she is not expecting, another one of her League's teammate; Vida. 

Poor Ruby, is she is torn between her old and new friends while on this mission and who to trust and what she can tell to them; but one thing that she knows is that she will do anything to protect the people that she loves.

Ruby finds Liam but not the way she thought she would, she is torn between her monster self and the good person that she wants to be.  But she also learns who to trust during this time and who her real friends are. 

This book was full of action from the very beginning to the very end.  Loved to see Ruby evolve more in this book; feel more in control of her abilities.  I wasn't so sure about the new characters but I loved them so much.  I felt more connected to Cate and got to understand her more.  The new kids are amazing...but the only thing I didn't like was the end.  I mean; I cried and it has been a while since I cried because of a book, so THANK YOU Alexandra Bracken.

Can't really tell you more than this without spoiling the book; but I can tell you that I totally recommend this book; this series for that matter as the books just keep getting better and better.  Now I am off to read the next book...