Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review: Salem's Legacy by Aaron Galvin

I'm back with another Book Review Tuesday and today I'm back with a final book of a trilogy, who's ready?  Let's do this...

Salem's Legacy by Aaron Galvin

Final book of the Vengeance Trilogy and oh this book was good...wait, let me stop right here because I'm getting ahead of myself again and ahead of the review.  Back to the review...

Rebecca is back and she is back together with her brother and companions and they have just arrived in colonial Boston.  They are ready to bring vengeance against those of have caused the death of their loved ones.

One thing that Rebecca didn't see herself doing was aligning herself with strangers, people that she doesn't trust, the city is full of spies living her no choices.  While she is going around questioning people, she starts to find out that the plots that began is Salem goes much further than anyone can imagine and her actions which determine whether history attributes praise or blame to the true masterminds or Salem's legacy.

This book?  Holly Molly, it was raw and cruel and you never really new where it was going, that's for sure.  You knew what you wanted Rebecca to do but at the same time you didn't know how she was going to do, there were sooo many things at sake and so many characters at sake too.  Of course, lots of death and cruel deaths at that, some characters died that I wasn't expecting and some characters did get a happy ending, FINALLY.

Overall this was a great ending to a really great trilogy, I ended up giving 4 out of 5 stars to this book.  It did ended nicely but I wanted to see a little more into the future of Rebecca and how she is doing.  Do I recommend this Trilogy?  Heck yes, be prepared for a holler coaster ride because you will get one and don't get too attached to characters as you never know who is going to die.  And talking about death, expect lots of it and some crazy and raw and cruel ways. And finally, I just want to say that I loved the writing style, so easy to read and one of those styles that once you start reading you just can't put the book down.  So, if you are craving witchy book, start this trilogy now.