Thursday, June 23, 2016

Book Review: Inside the Wall by A. Lotus

It's time for another Book Review and today's book I got an eBook from NetGalley (Thank You NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review).  Let's get to the review?

Inside the Wall by A. Lotus

INSIDE the Wall (The War in the Wall Series Book 1)

Can you imagine a world where people just stopped caring?  It would be a cruel world for sure and this book shows just that, scary?  Oh yeah, it is and it gets worse.

Letha and Nathan were best friends just like their moms were.  However, one day two dictators changed their world and their city.  How?  They overthrow the city, took the children captive and killed the parents.  The city was divide between the two dictators and they took those children and brainwashed, trained and sculpted them into soldiers.  And the reason they did that, was for these children to fight each other to see which side would win the city.

Letha rejects her new life she leads, she stays strong only to protect the ones younger than her.  She fights and blocks her feelings from those cruel adults that did that to her and those children around her.  Until they give her the ultimate task: Kill Nathan.  And if she doesn't, everyone, including herself, will die.

In a world where it seems that no one cares anymore, Letha struggles against herself to do the right thing and make the right choice.  Does she save herself?  Or does she try to save one young boy who has been brainwashed and hardened into another dictator's web?  It seems like no matter what choice she makes, it looks like she is going to lose someone she loves.

This was a cruel book, that was for sure and I like action in my books.  The beginning was a little slow but the second half was better and picked up the pace and there was a lot more happening.  The end was pretty good and left me wondering what will happen.  I know there is another book out and I may end up picking it up, we will see.  I gave it a 3.5 stars out of 5, it was good and I do recommend if you want a quick read and be prepared for some violence because you will get it on this one.  But, the cruelty of it was rash and I felt like something was missing, not sure what exactly, maybe I didn't connect as much to the characters as I should?  Yeah, I think that could be it.  Still good, though.