Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Review: Eve by Anna Carey

Time to review another book and this one is a good one :)  Let's do it:

Eve by Anna Carey

Sixteen years after a deadly virus wiped out most of Earth's population, the world is perilous place.  Eve is 18 years old and she hasn't ever been beyond the heavily guarded perimeter of her school.  The school where her and the other two hundred orphaned girls have been promised a future as teachers and artists of the New America.  But the night before her graduation, Eve learns the raw and shocking truth about her school's real purpose, and the horrifying fate that awaits her.

Fleeing the only place and home she's ever know, Eve goes on a journey to find a place she can survive.  Along the way she finds Arden, one of the girls from her school and Caleb, a rough and rebellious boy living in the wild.  Never have met men in her whole life and have been taught to fear them, she tries to avoid him, but the wild is no place she wants to be by herself so she goes with Caleb and slowly starts to trust him.  And soon he also wins her heart forever.  Caleb promises to protect her, but when soldiers begin to hunting them Eve must make the hardest decision, protection or true love?

This book?  OMG, it had been a while since I had read a distopian book full of action throughout the whole entire book, it had me on the hedge of my seat all the time.  I just couldn't put this book down, I needed to know what was going to happen, there was so much going on that I didn't know how it was going to end and that is what makes a good book.

Rating? 5 out of 5 stars, this is not a new series, this book came out in 2011, I know, I know...why hadn't I read it yet?  No clue,  I had the books on my shelf for a while, no excuse.  Did I mention that I read this book in less than 24 hours?  Oh yeah, that good.  Totally recommend.