Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Review: From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion

Guess what?  It's another book Tuesday review time, YEAH!!!  And today's book is about...drum rolls please: Aliens.  I don't read a crazy amount of Alien books, I like to pick and choose them and so far all the ones I've read,  I've also loved, and this one is no exemption.  Okay, time to get to the review...you know before I just start to babble and babble away lol

From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion

Our main character is seventeen year old Emma, but don't think she is your typical teenager.  She is actually taking care of her very sick boyfriend Lucas, who was diagnostic with cancer and is on the brink of death.  All his family has resigned and accepted that he is dying, but Emma hasn't, she hasn't given up hope that Lucas may still have a chance of survival and she is willing to do anything to make that happen.  So when Lucas miraculously returns from his brink of death, Emma thinks that her prayers have been answered. But have they?

Just as Lucas is coming slowing back to health, Emma finds a mysteriously object on his family's farm and the worst is when some government agents show up at his home to collect it, claiming that it belongs to them.  Emma begins to suspect that something is not right, so she doesn't give them the object in question.  But she realizes that object is the key to setting things right.  Another thing that doesn't seem right is Lucas, he is and isn't the boy that she has loved all her life, at the same time.  Will she find out what is truly wrong with Lucas?  Is he the same boy she fell in love with?  Or is he someone else?

You will see Emma on a mission with "Lucas" and a little help from "A Distant Star" to save the boy that she loves and a lot more.

That's all I can give you on this book without give too much away, and you really should go and read this book without knowing too much about it.  That is the right way to read it, for you to truly enjoy it and love it and feel and the right feelings.  I loved Emma and Lucas and that "distant star" and a couple other side characters too.  You will laugh at some parts in this book and there are parts that you will cry too, I did.  I really enjoyed Karen McQuestions' writing style, it was easy to read and follow and she knew how to get you to follow in love with the characters and that's a plus in my opinion.  4 out of 5 stars, great stand alone and the end was really nice wrapped up.  Totally recommend if you love a good romance with some aliens thrown in.