Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to School Series: Skin Care Essentials

It's another Back To School post and today's it's one of my most popular post ever:

Skin Care Essentials


Life is hectic and there is no else better than me to tell you this, I'm married, have two kids and I'm still recuperating from a concussion so yeah I know just how hectic life can be.  And yes, there are many, many nights that the only thing in my mind is just to crawl under my bed and sleep or at least try to sleep.  But, I'm a true believer in skin care and I ALWAYS, always wash my face and do my skin care routine every night, even if a just these 4 easy steps instead of my 100 steps lol.

These steps are SO easy and quick, you will be done under 10 minutes, I promise you.  Let's take a look at these steps, shall we:

1.Wipes: Start by removing your makeup with makeup remover wipes.  I love these ones by Simple, they are effective and sensitive for your skin.  And why use wipes first?  Because they will remove 80% or more of your makeup making the next step much quicker.  Doesn't your skin feel cleaner already?


2.Cleanser: You would think that you don't need to wash your face because you used your wipes, WRONG.  Wash your face and your face will Thank You.  And now that your face is cleaned doesn't it feel SO GOOD. It was worth it, wasn't it? My current cleanser is by Simple and I'm loving it, super easy on my skin and it removes ALL the remaining of my makeup.

3.Toner: A few years ago, I didn't do this step and once I started doing this step and seeing how my skin improved?  Now it's a must do step, I never skip this step EVER.  I love my toners.  One of my favorites is one by Olay, but I just discovered this one by Neutrogena and OMG, this stuff is AMAZING.  It's just like my favorite one by Olay.  A toner is great to close out your pores after cleansing your face to prevent breakouts, I'm a true believer.  

4. And the last step?  Moisturizer; of course: You can do all of those steps and forget to moisturize your face, right?  All of these steps are all important so don't forget to moisturize, especially after you use your Toner.  Your skin will Thank You for moisturizing, and your skin will be kept younger by moisturizing too. And don't forget to use a moisturizer with SPF during the daytime.

And that's all you have to do.  That was easy, right?  And when you are running around like crazy this Skin Care routine will be a life saver, trust me.

Now you know what to pack for Skin Care!!!