Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review: The Heir by Kiera Cass

Welcome back to another Book Review Tuesday and today's book is:

The Heir by Keira Cass

It has been 20 years since America Singer entered the Selection and won Price Maxon's heart.   She's now the Queen and a MOM and she is lovely as usual.  One of the first things Maxon and America did as King and Queen was change the laws; for their first born to be King or Queen no matter if it was a boy or girl and good thing they did that because their first born was a girl.  Well, they had twins but the first one coming out was a girl, Eadlyn followed by her brother Ahren and from then on Eadlyn was trained to be the next Queen.

But not only was Eadlyn trained to be the next Queen, but she also reminded herself everyday of her life that she was the most important person of the world and that will hurt her in the future.  Ahren has been the most supported twin brother ever, he is always there for her and he supports Eadlyn in everything that she needs, but he is in love and he will do anything for the woman that he loves.

Talking about love and doing everything for the people that we love, Eadlyn ends up in a very tough situation when her country hasn't been doing very well and her parents decide that it's time for her to hold her own Selection.  At first she is against it 100%, she doesn't believe that she will find love like her parents did, but she is willing to make a little sacrifice for her country and she ends up making a deal with he father.  What is the deal?  Well, you will have to read to find that out.

Once the Selection starts Eadlyn hates it and doesn't think she can do it, but some circumstances makes her realize that she has to try a little harder for the sake of her country and her family and harder she tries.  And by trying that little harder she soon realizes that the Selection is not as bad as she thought and that finding her own happily ever after may even be possible.

I'm not going to lie, Eadlyn is spoiled, she is nothing like America and there are a lot of people that hate this book because I think they are just comparing mother and daughter way too much.  But then you have to realize how America was raised and how Eadlyn was raised, both totally different, one had to earn money to have some food to eat and the other was spoiled to the bone, which made her a spoiled brat.  And yes, Eadlyn is annoying sometimes in this book and yes, there are times that I wanted to slap her too, but she did grow on me thru out the book and guess what?  By the end of the book I wanted more and now I wanted nothing more than Kiera Cass to write more Selection stories, because it doesn't matter how many people complain about these books there are just something about them, you pick them up and you just read until you are done with them.

5 out of 5 stars, if you are asking why?  Because I loved seeing Maxon and America back first of all and I'm dying right now waiting to know what it's going to happen.   I'm really enjoying Eadlyn's love story, mostly because I have no clue where it's going at this point.  I totally have a favorite, but it could go anywhere so...and Ahren?  I want to see more of that too lol...

Have you read The Selection series?  What do you think of them?  Have you read The Heir?  Did you like it?