Friday, August 7, 2015

Book Review: Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Happy Thursday and it's book review time!!! And I'm reviewing a contemporary book today, WooHoo!!! I don't think I read and review a lot of these and this one was...AMAZING.  Let's just get to it:

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

First of all, I think I was on the 10% rate of the people that hadn't read this book and I just couldn't be on Instagram of watch You Tube anymore and just read people talk about this book and not know what it was about, so I remedied it and read it.  And now let's get to the review of this wonderful book.

This book is all about friendship and what a perfect book it was for it.  Emily is our main character and you will fall in love with her from chapter one.  Sloane is her best friend, they have only been best friends for a couple years but they do EVERYTHING together and Emily doesn't see her life without Sloane in it, so can you imagine when Sloane and her family just leave town and don't come back again?  And that's not even the worse part, the worse part is Sloane just leaves and doesn't say anything at all to Emily, she just disappears...Emily is heart broken.

Until a letter arrives, and it's not a typical letter it's just To Do List and not just a To Do List, it's one with 13 Sloan inspired tasks that Emily would never do.  But what if this list could bring Sloan back?  Emily has the whole summer vacation to do the list and that's what she does.

The list is already weird enough for Emily to complete, for example she has to kiss a stranger, HELLO???  And Skinny-Dipping?  Come up...but things do get weirder for Emily, because she ends up getting the help of Frank Porter.  At first it was just Emily thought that she was going to help Frank and Frank was going to help her with the list but as the days and weeks went by things got deeper and they fall for each other without meaning too.  But of course things are not easy, there are some complications.

What are those complications? friends for that you will have to read the book.  And does Emily complete the list?  Ah, won't you wish to you.  And does Emily find Sloane again?  That's the big question, isn't it?  Again for all this questions you just have to read the book and you will love it.

I gave 5 out of 5 stars, I loved this book and I finally understood all the hype about.  Morgan Matson is a great writer, loved her writing style.  This is not a small but, but once you start reading this book you just don't want to put it down because you just want to know what happens next and you want to know what next item Emily is going to complete.  But most importantly I loved how friendship was portrayed in the book, job well done again to the author.  What more can I say?  Only if you haven't read it, please do yourself the favor and read, because you will not be disappointed.