Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

Happy Tuesday, book review Tuesday is ready and I have a few older books to review that I have read but I just have to review this one first.  The last book of The Bloodlines came out last Tuesday 2/10 and I had it a kindle version auto delivered to my kindle and I started right away and was done with it in a couple days and OMG it was everything that I wanted and a little more too. Richelle Mead is pretty amazing at finales, she really knows how to end a series.  You are so sad that this series that you have been reading for years is ending but at the same time you have that happy feeling that everything you wanted happened and you actually got a little more that you wished for.  Ok, I'm going to stop and get to the review, spoiler free because there are a lot of twists in this book that is best not knowing about them until you see it for yourself.

The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

The book starts off with Adrian and Sydney's 1 month anniversary.  Well, it starts with Adrian trying to surprise Sydney with flowers and music but things didn't go according to his plan because they live with his mother and she of course interrupts his plans and he and Sydney end up having a fight instead.  And we get to see the tension they are still under with Jill still missing and them living in court and not been able to go anywhere because of the Alchemists and life at court is not easy for Sydney as she is human and the vampires are not too happy with Adrian marrying one.
Right at the beginning things really pick up, Sydney's old teacher and her magic teacher arrive at court to tell her that something came for Sydney at her house and it's magically sealer and that Sydney is the only one that can opened.  And that's when the adventure to find Jill starts, Sydney is magically (literally) taken away from court with her teacher and of course Eddie goes along with her because as all you guys know by now...and if you don't, please go read all the other books why he has to go with them.

Adrian stays behind at court to cover for Sydney because the Alchemists cannot find out she is out there or they will hunt her down and they don't want that, but he will find a way to escape court to be with her, because that's Adrian and they cannot be apart for too long. And that's why I love him.

Sydney, Jaclyn and Eddie find out even more terrible news when they find out that an old enemy is behind Jill's disappearance and they seek out the help of the witches, which they are more than happy to help because that issue is something that needs to be taken care of for good. But the process is not an easy one and they have to be careful.

While at court Adrian is using spirit to help a friend and while doing it and realizes that Sydney has been right about using spirit as something went wrong while his friend over used spirit and he doesn't want to end up like her.  But he promises to help find his friend's sister and find out why she ran away, and meet up with Sydney on the way too.

Sydney and Adrian reunite, things are going according to plan but of course they get cut by Lisa, which is not as bad as the Alchemists at least. She send Rose and Dimitri to help them and lots and lots of things happen from now on that I am not going to tell you.  There are so many, I mean so many twists from now on.  I felt like every 5 pages my mouth was dropping open, in a good way, I promise.  I loved every bomb that Richelle dropped in this book.  She is great at ending a book, and never mind and ending a series.

Was I the only one that notice at the end of this book under the Acknowledgments she wrote and I quote "Thanks for sticking with me, and even though we're pausing for now-don't worry.  I don't think we've seen the last of these guys."  Well, Richelle Mead, I'm holding on to your words, I'm really hoping to see more of them too.

And I'm going to end this review by saying this was a great, amazing series finale.  You will get closure, you will get what you want and more than what you want.  You will see old characters and get closure from them too, which come on, when do when get that?  Rose, Dimitri, Sydney, Adrian, I love these characters and I don't think I would ever get tired of read or rereading about them again and again.  I recommend not only Bloodlines but also Vampire Academy 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

If you haven't read any of them, please do it, you will love them.  I am have withdraws already.  I need some vampire love in my life...