Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Review: Watched by CJ Lyons

Tuesday Book Review time, today I'm bringing you a book that I have it for quite sometime, I got this book from Netgalley last summer and hadn't had a chance to read it until this month.  And I gotta say it was pretty good and pretty scary actually.  Let's get to review:

Watched by CJ Lyons

This book follows this teenager boy, Jesse who is a victim of an internet hacker who has been blackmailing him for years.  After the hacker found some incriminating photos and videos of Jesse, he has made Jesse do things that he never wanted to do but that he thought he must do just to protect his mother and little sister.  But now, the hacker, King, wants something much, much worse and if Jesse doesn't do what he wants he will kill his little sister.

Then one day, Jesse gets an envelope with with a phone and a note: I can help.  The note it's none other than from someone that has been going through the same as Jesse and wants to help him.  At first he isn't sure about it, but then he accepts the help and together they form a plan to ruin and turn King in to the police.

We also learn that Jesse's uncle, a famous firefighter in their hometown works with King and has been abusing Jesse since he was a little kid and he is the reason that Jesse's father is not around anymore. 

This book is interesting and scary in so many ways, when I get out of the shower now I make sure my laptop is closed, no webcams around.  I know this was just a book, but can you image that there could be freaks out there that can actually do that, just seat around and look for innocent kids and manipulate them?  And these kids would then be too embarrassed to tell their parents and then will be blackmailed and will do things against their will?  Disgusting, but true.

This book actually teaches a lesson not only to teenagers but to everyone out there, let's all be careful with the internet and psychos.  

I give this book a 4 out of the 5 stars, I really liked this book, but it still scared me.