Thursday, February 12, 2015

Product Review: Caudalie Beauty Exilir

For this Thursday's Product Review I'm bringing you something that I have been using for quite a while now but that it wasn't love at first sight.

I got this product last summer and I tried and I didn't like it, I think I used it for like 3 days but I just didn't see the good of it and I stopped using it.

Fast forward 6 months and I realize that I should have just gave it a little more time and I would have fall in love it with and I see why people loved this product so much.

Ok, let's back up a little and introduce you to the product:

Caudalie Beauty Exilir

How should I describe this? It claims to act as a toner, midday refresher and makeup setter, I personally love to use it right after my skincare routine and midday refresher.  It also promises to tighten the appearance of pores and that it delivers a boost of radiance to your skin.  I don't know about tightening my pores but I think it does deliver a boost of radiance.  It sure feels great and your skin feels refreshed and renewed right after you spray with this beauty.

What else can I say, I recommend it for sure so go ahead and try it.

That will do it for today.  Have you tried this product yet?