Monday, February 16, 2015

Nail of The Week: Balbano Blue

Happy Monday!!! One week from today I will be in Sunny Florida, OH YEAH!!! Last minute vacation planning and I couldn't be happier, we will be going to Daytona Beach and guess what? We will be driving from Boston...LONG road trip, but still happy that I am going to be enjoying a whole week of sunshine.  So this week I am packing and packing and doing some more packing.  Busy week and while doing that I still have to remind myself to rest my brain so I don't over do it and don't end up in bed during my vacation, because that will NOT be fun lol.

So, for this week's manicure I of course had to do a little little color, but not to light so I went something oceany (that's not even a word, right?) color:

Sally Hansen Balbano Blue

But next week's will be totally a beachy color :)  And I cannot wait to get out of this 7 feet of snow that we have had in the last month alone.

Hope you all have a good week!