Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Review: BloodLines Books 1-4

Book Review Time, and yes this is another series that I love it and cannot wait to finish but unfortunately next book is not out until July, I can't believe it. 

Bloodlines, is a spin off series from Vampire Academy Series, and when I started reading the first book, Bloodlines, I wasn't that sure I was going to like these books.  I liked the first book, I didn't Love it, but it as okay, it did have some of the same characters from Vampire Academy and let's face it, if you read the Vampire Academy series you know you cannot ever get enough of Adrian.  Ah, I love Adrian. But, let's recap a little, Bloodlines follows Sydney, the Alchemist, when she gets recruited to protect Jill after she got attacked at Court.  Eddie and Adrian come along to help protect Jill.  There isn't much happening on the first book, but it gives the whole background of why Jill, Adrian and Eddie need to be hidden.

Second book of the series is: The Golden Lily, in the 2nd book we get to know Sydney a lot more.  I love how she changed so much in a book.  She goes from been the Alchemist to starting to get close to the vampires and starts using magic and most importantly she starts to question the Alchemists work.  I love this girl more and more.  And Adrian, on the first book we get to seen him some broken from his breakup with Rose, but this book we get to see that he is moving on and getting closer to Sydney and having feelings for her and Sydney is feeling the same way even though she denies herself.

3rd Book, The Indigo Spell, well, well...what can I say, so much happened in this book.  Lots of Magic, lots of breaking rules and lots of romance.  Sydney is pulled in every direction there is, she helps her witch teacher looking for a dangerous witch that sucks the life out of young  witches and get stronger.  She is also helping an Alchemist rebel, Marcus, by getting information that compromises the Alchemist.  She is also starts to realize how much is loves Adrian and she realizes that she doesn't mind breaking more Alchemist rules, specially if it's for love.

4th Book, The Fiery Heart.  Oh my god, I loved this book so much, the end was fabulous, well it's killing me now until the next book in out, but I really think it was well ended, an amazing cliffhanger.  In this book Sydney and Adrian are dating behind everybody's back, they cannot afford anyone finding out about that, specially the Alchemists.  Sydney's sister, Zoe is sent to help her out, but while she is there is feels left behind a lot of the times as Sydney's is always running around doing magic errands, or helping Marcus or just sneaking around to meet with Adrian.  Sydney thinks everything is going great for once, she made the potion for the tattoo that breaks the link with the Alchemists, no one suspects of her and Adrian, well do they?  I can't give more out, so if you want to know read it, you will not regret.

Ah, have I said how much I can't wait for the next book?  I CANNOT WAIT.  The series did start a little slow but after the 2nd book you really will love it.  So do I recommend it?  Absolutely.

Enjoy your reading...